The most devastating asteroid to hit Earth.
Dig into what happened after the Chicxulub asteroid hit the Earth, and how it caused a mass extinction— including dinosaurs.

Sixty-six million years ago, near what’s now the Yucatán Peninsula, a juvenile sauropod feasted on horsetail plants on a riverbank. Earth was a tropical planet. Behemoth and tiny dinosaurs alike soared its skies and roamed its lands while reptiles and tentacled ammonites swept its seas. But, in an instant, everything would change. Sean P. S. Gulick details one of Earth's most devastating periods. 

Lesson by Sean P. S. Gulick, directed byJeff Le Bars, Jet Propulsion.
Animation : Jeff Le Bars
Sound and Music : Weston Fonger, Stephen LaRosa
Narrator : Adrian Dannatt
To make it through such a demanding journey of pure rendering technique, I had help from a bunch of unknowing helpers online. A great thank you to them and their very helpful free models and images :
Pixabay :

Sunflower - RayMark
Grass - Hundankbar
garbage - ds_30
Iceberg - Makabera
Polar bear - iribagrova8176

Painters (obviously) :

Starry Night - Vincent Van Gogh
The Great Wave - Katsushika Hokusaï
Eiffel Tower - Georges Seurat
Black Mesa - Georgia O'Keeffe
Guernica - Pablo Picasso
Skrik & Solen - Edvard Munch
The Great Day of His Wrath - John Martin
The Slave Ship - William Turner
Sketchfab :

Triceratops - Zacxophone
Carnotaurus - Magorius
Tyrannosaurus Rex - Rigsters
Temple - Maks Sokolowski
Human skeleton - Ruslan Gadzhiev
Mouse - Just8
Saberwing - MooreLab
Frog - /
Rhododendron - /
Tsukushi Rose - /
Orchid - sarahGB
Wood stick - 3dhdscan
Wood louse - .hapto GmbH
Bush - Marbles
Lichen - Frank McMains
Aloa Vera - nedo
Lab - viklia
Lab gear - dercruz926
VHS - Terrible Hard
Old computers - sudreyskr
Lab machine - guillemvilah
Floppy disk - ocean
Machine - Klinepeter
Mission control console - TheoClarke
Old computer -
Old nuclear computer - P3TroV
Osborne - Denis Afanasjev
vintage terminal - NoMoreFeelings